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Ensuring the right prescription makes it into the hands of the right patient is also a priority.

PerceptiMed was first venture funded in early 2013 with a driving purpose — to reduce the margin of human error in prescription pill dispensing in retail pharmacies, long-term care facilities and hospitals. Our proprietary VeriFill™ system includes the industry’s only vision technology capable of identifying imprints on pills. Our IdentRx™ suite of automated medication verification and dispensing products leverage that technology to provide 100% verification of every single pill dispensed.

About ScripClip

Regardless of size or shape of pill, or method of imprint. Our unique ScripClip bag clips easily work within any pharmacy set up to identify each and every bag. So patients can rest assured that the medication and dosage they were prescribed, are in fact the medication and dosage they are receiving.

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PerceptiMed – ScripClip

Will Call System
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The scripClip™ Will Call System helps pharmacy staff quickly and efficiently locate the right pharmacy prescription bags for the right customers, every time.

Once a prescription has been filled and verified, a scripClip bag/clip is scanned and attached to the completed prescription, which is then placed in any order into your will call. scripClip is the only will call system that supports multiple form factors. scripClip is available in a hanging bag format and in a clip form for packages. At pickup, your pharmacy staff simply activates the customer search at their POS consoles and the appropriate scripClip tagged prescription lights up. Different colored lights are uniquely associated with each POS console, supporting multiple, concurrent transactions in a busy will call environment.

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