We power pharmacies to help people lead healthier lives.
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We design, build, sell, and support technology solutions for pharmacies.

Parata provides pharmacy technology solutions to reduce costs, improve health outcomes, and enhance the patient experience by offering the most comprehensive pharmacy automation portfolio with pouch and blister medication adherence packaging, high-speed automated robotic dispensing technologies, and pharmacy workflow solutions. Through the use of automation, pharmacists practice at the top of their license by engaging in pharmacist-led value-based care, improving medication adherence, and streamlining workflows. Our solutions are designed to help pharmacy teams spend less time counting pills so they can focus on what matters most – their patients.

Improve Workflow with Pharmacy Automation

We power pharmacy teams to help people lead healthy lives. Learn how Parata workflow solutions help your team. Quickly and accurately dispense prescriptions with automation that also enhances your pharmacy workflow so it's easy to be proactive and get out in front.

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Adherence, Automation, Inventory

Parata – PASS 36

Strip Packaging Robot

A Full Suite of Scalability

With the growing presence of strip packaging in the market, patient awareness has reached a level where pharmacies without pouch packaging will be left behind. Make medication management easier for patients and staff while improving medication adherence. Our PASS suite enables better workflow, more prescriptions filled per year, and better patient health.

Parata – PASS 300VP

Packaging Robot

​The PASS 300VP is Parata’s most flexible addition to the strip packaging family.

Expand your pouch capabilities with variable sizes and customized design, so you can organize pouches by patient, facility, or prescription size. The 300VP also comes with a roll-out, swappable lower packaging unit (LPU) so you can maintain uptime even during maintenance.

Parata – PASS 208

Adherence Packaging Robot

With the Parata PASS 208, you’ll increase your workflow efficiency while improving your patients’ adherence rates.

The robot is scalable for growth and the intuitive software allows you to manage reporting and design custom medication pouches to use at your pharmacy. The PASS 208 can host a large capacity of NDCs at one time so you can keep up the pace of your busy workflow.

Parata – Mini

Compact Pharmacy Workflow Robot

Get big technology in a small footprint. Don’t waste valuable time counting by fives; leave it up to Mini.

Safe and Secure: Barcode scanning ensures a match between the stock bottle a cell. Drug chutes are locked until an authorized user scans a barcode on the prescription label. Option locking cells boost maximize safety and prevent diversion. You can easily calibrate cells on site, avoiding costs and delays of cell exchanges.

Parata – Max 2

Dispensing Robot

Automate your pharmacy workflow with the intuitive Parata Max 2 dispensing robot.

Updated from the original Max, the Max 2 has a more sleek, durable profile, as well as an integrated camera and robust control center. The robot is 100% accurate and completes 232 Rxs at a time before needing any assistance.

Parata – InspectRx

Adherence Pouch Analyzing Robot

Efficiency And Accuracy In Pouch Verification

Offering adherence pouch packaging is a valuable service for your patients, but it can be a tedious process to verify and inspect each pouch to ensure the correct medications are being dispensed. With the InspectRx, the robot will image and analyze each pouch for accuracy, and keep a record of each pouch for security and verification.

Parata – DeliverRx

Will Call System

Will Call Solutions: Beyond Filling and Packaging

With flexible configurations available including wall units, under-counter drawer systems, and counter carousels, the Parata DeliverRx gives you easy-access to your filled prescriptions. Using light-guided technology, prescriptions can be located quickly resulting in lower patient wait times and a better customer experience. With the DeliverRx, you’ll know where your order is every time.

Parata – Beacon

High-Density Storage System

This robust solution combines inventory management and will call into one easy-to-use system.

Designed with efficiency in mind, the Parata Beacon organizes your pharmacy’s inventory with features such as: Compact size, secure storage of at-risk medications (ARM), LEDs to guide prescription retrieval, organized will call prescription shelving, and customizable workflow set-ups

Parata – ATP 2 Pouch Packager

Strip Packaging Solution

Parata’s state-of-the-art strip packaging solution is reliable and durable, with added features to drive efficiency and growth.

Scalable in size to keep up with your business growth, the ATP 2 Pouch Packager is an automated solution that saves time and reduces waste with variable pouch sizes to help increase your patients’ medication adherence. The ATP 2 creates customizable pouches to suit your store’s specific needs. Add color and vertical printing, pictures, barcodes, logos, icons, and more. Simplify your medication administration with an easy and efficient addition to your pharmacy’s workflow.

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